Komodo Island Tour from the Cruise Ship

When you go on a cruise ship around Indonesia, and it may your cruise ship has also a schedule to visit or called at Komodo Island, may be taking a Komodo island tour from the cruise ship a part of your great travel experience, since there are many things to see on the island especially to see Komodo dragon. However, if it is the first time for you to come to Komodo Island, if you want to find the best service given by the local travel agent including to arrange your Komodo shore excursion, we are an experienced and reliable tour operator to handle the tours for any travelers from the cruise ship visit or calling at Komodo Island. Please! check it out our many highly reviews from our previous cruise ship’s clients on Trip Advisor who used our tour service on the island.

What to see and Do during your Komodo Island tour from the Cruise ship?;

Whether you want to see the giant lizard of Komodo dragon, visit the local communities in traditional Komodo fishing village to see their traditional daily way of life in a closer way, or snorkeling at spectacular Pink Beach taken by local boat trip arranged by a local travel agent is the best choice. We are local tour agent who are responsible for handling your Komodo island tour from Cruise ship; therefore, your visit will be much more efficient, and you can also visit some interesting places on the Island beyond Komodo dragon, depending on your request.

On your tour on Komodo Island can be an exciting, especially when you combine with great snorkeling spot at Pink Beach located on the side of the island to view the great coral reefs, beautiful fishes, and other sea creatures. With a neatly scheduled visit, your Komodo island tour from the Cruise ship will be a wonderful moment, before continuing your cruise ship for the next destination.

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